Diego Torres speaks publicly for the first time about his separation from Débora Bello

Diego Torres Speaks Publicly for the First Time About His Separation From Débora Bello

The Argentine singer Diego Torres He spoke for the first time about his separation from Débora Bello, who was his partner for 17 years and with whom he has a nine-year-old daughter.

The artist gave an interview to María Laura Santillán, from Infobae, where she recounted the difficult moments she experienced when facing this break in her love life during the pandemic.

“(During pandemic) I separated. Imagine that is a drastic change in life. It is like a hinge in life. A number of emotions happened to me in the pandemic that were difficult to order and accommodate. That’s where therapy comes in.”, said the artist.

The interpreter of “Color Esperanza” acknowledged that the rain of emotions he felt in that difficult moment also affected his voice.

“It was super painful and it doesn’t stop being so. And I’m very emotional and then things have repercussions and the instrument is affected a lot by the emotional as well, the instrument of the voice. The lump in the throat, and the anguish in the chest makes the voice go down”, commented Diego Torres.

As he said, he was able to overcome this problem with the help of several factors. “That heals with time, with exercises, and with the healing of wounds”narrowed down.

After ensuring that he is learning to enjoy solitude, Diego Torres He clarified that he maintains an excellent relationship with the mother of his daughter, who currently lives in Miami, United States.

“Really, the most important thing is Nina and getting along, we love each other very much with Débora, she is a great woman, I admire her deeply, her life story, what a mother she is gives me peace of mind to be here working and recording with you. I know that my daughter is in the best hands, I think she thinks the same”, he sentenced.

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