Less than a week has passed since Spain was totally shocked by the death of Verónica Forqué. Whoever was one of the great ladies on the scene decided to stop suffering by taking her life at the age of 66 at her home in Madrid. A place where, paradoxically, she has lived the happiest moments of her existence with his loved ones.

In recent weeks, Forqué hardly frequented any other place than inside his Madrid home, located in an area very close to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. She left there to participate in the parade that Eduardo Navarrete mounted in the San Antón market on November 29. It is herlast photo.

No one seemed to notice, when she was already out of the television “reality”, that her life hung by a thread. That fashionable afternoon he posed again, as always, for photographers. But her mind kept twisting, and something must have overflowed in fourteen days.

But her routine was hardly altered. She was never problematic, quite the contrary. Her neighbors say that she was a quiet woman, who lived in their world, but apparently happy and always with a smile on her face.

The gifts she received were distributed among the community. It could be a Thermomix or a kitchen plate, it did not value things. It even seemed that some material objects were in the way.

She didn’t want to have them with her. She always showed a good gesture and a most affable attitude with everyone she came across. That was Veronica, a great actress even to hide her bitterest truth.

A dog and a caretaker

When she went down to the street, she almost always did it with her dog, the great confidant in troubled times and her faithful companion during walks around the neighborhood. Her building, run by a caretaker, has witnessed how these days she almost always came out characterized with her glasses and her beret and how she only gave affection.

Always independent and with a life marked by a parallel world, Verónica still did not assimilate the death of her beloved and adored brother, Álvaro Forqué, who spent a lot of time at home while she was still with us. There, on Víctor de la Serna street, both shared laughter, tears and, above all, complicity and a most special union.

Verónica Forqué's coffin leaves the Spanish Theater after finishing the burning chapel.

Verónica Forqué’s coffin leaves the Spanish Theater after finishing the burning chapel.

Veronica screamed silently, and each silence was a cry for help. Always reserved and without pretending that the alarms go off in her closest environment, there were few occasions in which she spoke out about the depression she suffered.

Although she did do it publicly, the neighborhood was completely unaware of this delicate situation. So much so, that a married couple living in the same building as the interpreter assures LA RAZÓN that “we are still shocked by this ending”, since “we were not expecting it”.

In addition, they affirm that the same day she decided to take her own life, they were observing everything that happened there from the window, a reality that, despite their advanced age, they could not believe.

This was the end of a legend that has suffered the consequences of exhaustion, apathy and the desire to leave behind a life without meaning for her.

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