The presenter of ‘Save me’ could not help reacting in this way when the Malaga player came up

More than half a year has passed since Antonio David Flores was fired from ‘Save me’ in full direct, after the broadcast of the first episode of Rocío Carrasco’s documentary series, in which she directly accused him of having physically and psychologically abused her during and after their relationship.

The cessation of the malagueño sparked a great controversy and ended with The TV Factory in the courts, which was sentenced to pay more than 80,000 euros to the former Civil Guard after considering that the termination of his contract was void “for violation of his right to honor”.

Although Olga Moreno’s husband is no longer part of the team of collaborators of ‘Sálvame’, his name comes up from time to time by some of the socialists who were once his companions. Today it was Belén Esteban who alluded to the man from Malaga, comparing him to Rafa Mora.

You look like Antonio David, who spoke above so as not to let us finish”, has indicated the village princess, recriminating the Valencian who did not respect her turn to speak.

As soon as Carlota Corredera heard her name, she couldn’t help but exclaim a cry of surprise and crossed herself, as if it were something evil that I want to keep away her.

The truth is that, since Rocío Carrasco’s documentary series was released, Carlota Corredera has never concealed his animosity towards Antonio David Flores.

The presenter of ‘Save me’ has become one of the greatest defenders of the daughter of ‘the greatest’ and, therefore, has been most critical with whom he was a collaborator of ‘Sálvame’.

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