At the moment, and it is not little, only for the holidays and Christmas advertising. That is where it begins. But it is already an omen, prognosis and anticipation that with Joaquín Prat, they will become the couple of the moment.

They bring something new to our famous people because at least Lara Alvarez has a physique and training that other celebrities lack. With 35 years that does not appear, and after much professional struggle, she has placed himself in the spotlight.

The only thing missing was this magnificent, forthcoming and situational Christmas advertisement to end the year in a splendid, well-paid and hopeful way. Without a doubt, the wonderful couple will become essential from now on because they bring style, modernity and freshness.

She – whom we all now ask about her sentimental status – keeps the smile, and throws balls out so as not to lie or compromise by making use of inventions, something that sadly abounds in the show business.

However, although she may rediscover longingly that “I have lived love a lot because in my personal life there were very important people. I’ve learned something from each relationship,” she admits, just as she does not hide her striking and spectacular age that no one misses her.

Something she shares with Maria Teresa Campos that these days she is staying in her new and smaller house after having been able to get rid of the big case that she planned to share with Mustache and that it cost her blood, sweat, tears and a lot of money.

We are waiting for news and events because I sense that it will give a lot to write, comment or criticize. They put it on a tray as if they were newcomers, something that even makes us even think badly.

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