Since the arrival of Mario Vargas Llosa to our country, many Peruvians have succumbed to the charm of Madrid. This is the case, among others, of the Princess of Hanover, Alessandra Sassa de Osma.

The Spanish conquerors went to Peru in search of gold, and Sassa looks for that precious metal in the form of a treatment, as the 24 karat gold line of Q77 +, which with its masks and cream with this active make she has a luminous, juicy skin without a trace of wrinkles.

Sassa de Osma is the mother of twins and also has her own luxury handbag company, Moi & Sass. She is in love with the blue sky of Madrid, where she enjoys long walks outdoors with her husband and children. And outdoors she also likes to train to stay fit after a twin birth. She does it together with Torres Entrena.

In makeup, it is usually discreet and natural, and her long, brown eyelashes stand out, which she cares for with el Mäkalash Booster serum.

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