Pablo Iglesias continues in the center court of the circus as when he was vice-second. And the same happens to Ivan Redondo. Pablo has said that Iván cooked in the shadow all the decisions of Sánchez.It is not surprising, then, that Cofrade Mayor del queso Idiazábal has finished: now MasterChef awaits you. The purple leader tells more:

«Iván has tried to build a concept of political tactics that he called “random chess”, which is based on the way of playing Bobby Fischer, which apparently consisted of making implausible plays that completely changed the reality of the board and, from there, the skill and speed of the players was decisive».

Change reality: there is the key. That is why Iván said that “politics is the art of what is seen.” Nothing over here, nothing over there, alehop, here’s the rabbit. Luis Garicano, economist and MEP, tells about the electricity bill:

“In Spain, the electricity regulator, with the minister’s husband Teresa Ribera at the helm, he has been missing in this crisis. Refers to Mariano Bacigalupo, counselor of the CNMC, who did not understand why the news programs opened every day with the prices of the electricity market.”

“The fact is that he was or is missing, which shows that Minister Ribera possesses great superpowers: she makes her husband and the entire National Commission of Markets and Competition disappear by touching them with her ministerial magic wand so that they do not interfere with their electricity and sparkling swings, they say.”

So, more than in Fischer’s random chess, we are in the Harry Potter movies. And “Frozen: the kingdom of ice” awaits us.

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