Irene Rosales does not want to know anything about Chabelita

Irene Rosales does not want to know anything about Chabelita

Kiko Rivera’s wife assures that “I’m not interested in what she said”

Irene Rosales does not want to know anything about Chabelita nor of the last “confessions” in “Saturday Deluxe” about her brother Kiko Rivera. Nor is she interested in what has been said about a possible relapse of the DJ into drugs.

Isa Pantoja went to the Telecinco program last Saturday to break her silence by showing himself very forceful and acknowledging his concern for her brother’s health remembering when the DJ claimed that he was afraid of staying home alone for fear of being haunted by old ghosts.

If you do not go to a rehabilitation center, it is because you do not want to. A person who is like this is not going to heal himself. If he has problems, he should see a professional. There comes a time when we can’t keep telling him what to do,” declared the young woman.

Rosales has decided to stay out of the problems of the Pantoja clan, now focused on the “bad vibes” of Isabel Pantoja’s son with his cousin Anabel and with Chabelita.

“I have no interest in what Isa said”, says Irene Rosales, after spending the weekend with her friends at a bachelorette party in La Coruña, also assuring that she has not seen her sister-in-law and someone else, therefore, how Isa has narrated her meeting with her mother the day of the death of Doña Ana Martín.

The one who was a collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’ has said goodbye for a few days to all her problems and obligations and proof of this are the innumerable videos that she is sharing through her social networks.

From the Galician city, she has not even hesitated to recommend one of the places when she fell in love with the magic trick that the waiter did. “Worthy of minimal ‘Got Talent’,” she wrote.

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