If something draws special attention to the singer Thalía, it is her famous wasp-like waist that since the beginning of her career more than 30 years ago has been something to talk about, even causing many rumors to be created around this unusual anatomy. , like the one that suggests a rib was removed.

On multiple occasions, the artist has shared some of her secrets, from exercise routines that she does to keep her body in shape to continue giving her best on stage and in her music videos, as well as healthy and delicious recipes for her followers to recreate.

Well now, through the stories section of your verified Instagram account, Thalia was revealing what he currently does inside the gym. It is a combination of resistance and strength exercises that give you what you need so that in just 90 minutes you can achieve excellent health.


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The technique consists of cardio with weight. For this routine, you must do 35 minutes of treadmill to start and then, as a complement, at least one hour of weights to tone up. According to what is said, this ensures losing sizes without having a bounce if done with a correct technique.

In recent days, the Mexican singer was sharing, also through the stories section, a delicious recipe for vegetable soup that is one of the foods that she likes the most and that gives her what she needs to maintain her stable health. In addition, it is easy to prepare and rich in nutrients.

Some time ago he also revealed that juices are very important in your diet, since with them you can obtain everything your body needs in a light and easily digestible way, as long as these types of diets are advised by nutrition specialists and trusted coaches.

If you want to try any of these techniques to achieve your dream figure, you should keep in mind that each body is very different, depending on age, complexion, lifestyle and gender, so not everyone works the same way. It is always best to prioritize health before achieving a size.

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