Lolita Flores has revisited the set of ‘Saturday Deluxe’ and she has done it in a very special moment. Her daughter, Elena Furiase, has just announced that she is expecting another child with her husband Gonzalo Sierra, making her mother a grandmother for the second time.

The singer of ‘Sarandonga’ is very excited and delighted at the idea of ​​having another grandchild. At the moment, she drools over little Noah, and very soon there will be two children who fill the family with joy.

How could it be otherwise, the daughter of ‘the Faraona’ could not help but pronounce on one of the issues of the moment: the controversy faced by Isabel Pantoja.

Although Lolita did not want to get too involved, she confirmed that she maintains some contact with the singer and that they exchanged messages not long ago. Flores sent her condolences through his mobile phone after the death of her mother, Doña Ana, and apparently the queen of Cantora answered her with “very affectionate” words.

In this way, the supposed rivalry that would have existed between them as a result of her connection with Paquirri. Let us remember that Lolita had a relationship with the bullfighter before becoming Pantoja’s husband.

Health problems

But Lolita Flores delved deeper into the health problems she has suffered this year and that have led her to cancel several professional commitments.

The singer had to leave some performances of her play, ‘Llévame hasta el cielo’, and even in various recordings of ‘Tu cara me sonido’. “I had a very strong attack of sciatica and the doctor found osteoarthritis in my coccyx and scoliosis in my spine and that pinched my sciatic nerve”, revealed in ‘Saturday Deluxe’.

Lolita Flores

Lolita Flores

Fortunately, Lolita has already solved this ailment and it seems that her recovery is close: “Now I have a coach who is putting my back in its place”. However, the worst for her was yet to come. Shortly after she suffered bronchitis so bad that she needed to rest in bed and take antibiotics for two weeks.

As if all this were not enough, Lolita has lost part of her vision in one eye because her vitreous humor has detached, a gelatinous fluid that fills the space located between the inner part of the retina and the posterior surface of the lens. The doctors have sent him treatment and have asked for patience until he can see normally again.

Even so, Lolita faces life with energy and, as previously mentioned, very much looking forward to becoming a grandmother for the second time.

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