Terelu Campos confesses the problems of María Teresa Campos to adapt to her new home

Terelu Campos confesses the problems of María Teresa Campos to adapt to her new home

The television collaborator is very aware of her mother who lives near her home

Some days ago Maria Teresa Campos was moving into her new home, but it seems that the adaptation is not going as well as she hoped. This is confirmed by Terelu Campos to Semana magazine, in which she hopes she will soon be adapted as soon as the house is fully equipped.

“My mother is in full adjustment. She left on Monday, but she came home because she was a little nervous and yesterday I went to eat with her and she slept, she has to adapt. She has been with me for 26 days and I believe she has said, I will stay here for life. That I wouldn’t care if I had infrastructure, if I had a house. It is that we were already with the clothes hanging outside the closet, because there was no room,” she acknowledges.

Although at first the veteran journalist was excited about the change of home, now it seems that she will need some time to relocate.

Professionally, Terelu is unstoppable. A few days ago she was parading for the signature of her friend Eduardo Navarrete, whose relationship has been reinforced after the passage of the television collaborator and the designer for MasterChef Celebrity and has also inaugurated Caro Club in Madrid.

She maintains a very good relationship with all the culinary talent contestants, although she acknowledges that she sees Carmina and Belén López less for living outside of Madrid, but that with Bustamante, for example, she has also strengthened friendship.

What Terelu did not want to talk about is the plans for next Christmas. The relationship with her sister, Carmen Borrego, is not good, to the point that when reporters ask her, she says “see you later” and leaves.

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