Antonio David’s daughter has taken a step forward and has expressed her anger after receiving daily insults and attacks by, especially, women who mess with her because of her physique or her past.

Rocio Flores has exploded again on social networks. After apparently the young woman is going through a quiet time after the media storm, she surprises her thousands of followers again with the following text that she has published on her Instagram stories.

“It is sad but it is the reality that I live in my networks. You forget that people who are public figures are also people. You forget many times that being exposed to many things is not equivalent to having to endure the atrocities that are written. The problem is that, which is through a screen and often has no consequences. Sad but true”, concludes this writing published on her Instagram stories.

The daughter of Antonio David and Rocio Carrasco is tired of having to put up with the insults and attacks, both because of her physical appearance and because of her past, that some users of social networks pour out without caring about the psychological and emotional consequences that these messages may have on the recipient.

In fact, it is not the first time that the collaborator of ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’ has publicly denounced the unfortunate messages that she receives on a daily basis, especially from women who later consider themselves to be the champion of feminism.

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