The presenter has been retired from the small screen for more than a year and now reveals to ‘La Razón’ his new and surprising routine.

It has been a long time since little or nothing has been known of the whereabouts of Carlos Lozano. After being one of the great protagonists for the heart press, the presenter decided to disappear last year and get away from the spotlight for his own emotional well-being.

His constant televised controversies caused him to make the decision to start a new life. And so it has been.

Carlos Lozano has exclusively explained to this newspaper how his day to day is like since he decided to make the decision to disassociate himself from the spotlight:

“I am building a house in the country with a vegetable garden, cattle, goats, chickens during the week I have fun in Madrid and during the week I go to the field alone and isolated and recharge my batteries.

The ex of Monica Hoyos has confessed that he gets up at six in the morning and that he is dedicated to the construction of what will be the last house, in which he is performing work as a bricklayer for twelve hours a day.

Carlos Lozano

Carlos Lozano

Regarding his future return to the front line of the media, the presenter assures that “will return” because “they have made offers in Mediaset”. Therefore, in the medium term, it will assess the best option for its public reappearance.

After his controversial break with Miriam Saaavedra, he assured the following: “Now I’m just fine. Love comes when it comes, you don’t have to look for it. The last time I fell in love was with Miriam, but now I’ve been a year and a half without anyone and doing nothing at all.”

“The next time I am with someone it will be with a good person because I cannot make mistakes that I have already made,” he concludes.

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