Tamara Gorro and her most drastic decision

Tamara Gorro and her most drastic decision

Tamara Gorro has bottomed out. The model needs to disappear for a while to take control of her life again, focus on her well-being and slowly recover from that mental illness, which she has never hidden.

The model used her profile on Instagram to confess that she had a backpack full of stones that had gradually made her fall but with the help of her therapist and her psychiatrist she would get up again.

“AND this time I fell and they have to help me get up“, she confessed bravely. However, she would still have to face a major setback, the separation from her husband, the footballer Ezekiel Garay, with whom she had been in a relationship for twelve years and with whom she has two children, and the hints of infidelity that arose as a result of the statement.

The two have made it clear on more than one occasion that this is just a parenthesis in their relationship and that they hope to work things out to get back together. For this reason, the presenter has decided undertake a trip, outside of Spain, with an unknown destination, to disconnect and return with charged batteries.

And with the naturalness and sincerity that characterizes her, she has announced it on her social profile, in which she has two million followers, making a deep reflection. “You shouldn’t run away from problems, but as my therapist and psychiatrist rightly say, “it’s not running away, it’s resetting””, Tamara Gorro pointed out.

The extronist of MYHYV needs to get away from everything for a few days to “disconnect, catch some air and pamper myself”. Make this decision for her and also for her family.

It is the first time that I am going to do this, to disconnect from the world, with the intention of returning with the desire to continue, to start being myself.

The “influencer” has assured that she has the full support of her people because “when people love you, they do not advise you badly. They care and you have to listen.”

For Gorro, this trip is quite an experience, she knows that when she returns she will still have a long way to go, but she needs to return rested and “if possible, with five more kilos”.

On her trip she promises her legion of fans that she will look for “that heavy, intense, clownish, funny, positive and happy Tamara who got lost, I’m going to take her by the hand and bring her back”.

Tamara leaves knowing that here on her return she will have the support of “all of you who love me and care for me. Because it is useless for your people to help you and you do nothing. The thirty-five –which I turned last Tuesday– by my nose that is my year, and from today I want to start enjoying it or at least start that change so longed for”.

From here we now remind you of one of her messages: “You came to be happy, don’t get distracted.”

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