Half brother of Mauricio Leal would be another of his heirs

Half brother of Mauricio Leal would be another of his heirs

Jhonier Leal, brother of the late hairdresser Mauritius Leal, is not the only member of the family facing legal problems. As recalled, he pleaded guilty to homicide aggravated by kinship, due to a state of defenselessness and cruelty and concealment, alteration or destruction of material evidence, due to the murder of the stylist.

It was known that Carlos Andres Garcia, Leal’s half brother, is also detained.

In fact, in one of Jhonier’s statements, he mentions that since Andrés is in prison and is not in a position to take charge of the hairdressing salon, or anything,” he would take over the business.

And in another conversation he points out that he and Andrés are the only heirs of his brother Mauricio.

The accountant Luz Adriana Plazas also gave an account of the situation of the other brother of the victim. “He also helped his brother Andres Garcia, who is in Jamundí prison, to his nephews, sons of Jhonier Leal also helped them a lot with the soccer school and the girls with the modeling course, he paid the car fee”, she told the Prosecutor’s Office.

In the file there are also references to money transfers made by Mauricio, Jhonier and his mother to help with the expenses from Andres.

Now, he could enter to appear as one of the heirs of Mauricio, whose fortune, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, exceeds four billion pesos.

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