Sergio Ramos, unlucky in the game, lucky in business: this is his new gym

Sergio Ramos, unlucky in the game, lucky in business: this is his new gym

Last Tuesday was inaugurated in Madrid, SR by John Reed, the footballer Sergio Ramos‘s personalized line of gyms. It saw the light with the opening of the first store of the brand, a business that comes to swell the wide range of investments of the footballer.

It is one of the most personal projects and one that made the athlete most excited. A “training club” inspired, from start to finish, by the sporting and competitive spirit of the Camas defender. The space is born in a new location: the ground floor of the Moncloa interchange in Madrid.

An area of ​​passage with which the firm John Reed and the athlete intend to take advantage of good communication to attract customers. The exclusive premises, of almost 2,000 square meters, is the first but it will not be the last. The idea of ​​the firm is to expand the number of centers with Sergio Ramos as a claim.

“Sergio is an exceptional athlete, a true professional focused on achieving his goals, and represents success through discipline like no one else,” says his partner Rainer Schaller, founder and CEO of the RSG Group, the business matrix behind the draft.

According to Schaller, the training club was born to «combine the world of personal training of Ramos, with the technical knowledge of these last 20 years in the fitness industry».

It is one more investment within the footballer’s business conglomerate off the pitch. Some businesses that come to compensate, in some way, the bad streak that the defender lives in his career as a footballer. After signing for Paris Saint Germain last summer, the athlete has been the center of criticism for his poor performance, largely weighed down by constant injuries.

Of 21 possible games, Ramos has played only three in the French Ligue1 and two in the Coupe de France, in one of which he was sent off. Poor records for a footballer who arrived with the star band. Although, the center, which in March he will be 36 years old, continues to trust in recovering his best level, remains attentive to any business opportunity that arises.

Since his inception, he has never been afraid to invest its assets, with greater or lesser success. From his womb, Sermos 32 SL (company he created in 2004 to manage his image rights), has been branching out his assets, which are estimated at €100 million.

His first business was real estate. In 2000, together with his father, José María Ramos, he invested in the purchase of more than half a million square meters for the real estate development of a future entire neighborhood of Madrid: The Berrocales.

An adventure undertaken together with the Eroski chain, which had the other 49 percent of the business, almost led to an embargo of more than 40 million euros. Ramos has also invested in car parks. In 2013 he bought an abandoned plot of land in Marbella to turn it into a 600-space car park.

What aimed to be a loss-making business turned into a full-fledged hit by selling, for €10 million, parking and a surface sports center ceded to the city of Marbella.

But without a doubt, if there is a profitable business that Ramos is most proud of, it is the stud farm SR4, where he participates together with his partner and friend, Sergio Álvarez, Moya, Pícara, Álamo and, above all, Yucatán de Ramos, his star horse, a purebred world champion at the SICAB in 2018, have made their stable a more than profitable business.

The intercourse of the two stallions does not go below 3,000 euros. Not surprisingly, the company declared assets of more than €80 million in 2020, with an annual turnover over 4.4 million. One of Ramos’ latest businesses is to be modern art collector.

Along with Pilar Rubio, he is a regular at the ARCO fair in Madrid and is used to visiting art galleries when he travels abroad to acquire new pieces. One of his most relevant investments was a painting by the artist Phill Frost, which he acquired for 40,000 euros and with which he acknowledged feeling “very identified”.

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