There is a certain halo of mystery surrounding the divorce of Jennifer Flavin and Sylvester Stallone. Days after she filed for divorce, he erased two of the tattoos that his wife wore and a crossover of accusations was fought between them, the marriage is happy and united again, as revealed by the latest photos of the actor with his wife leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles. Both wore their wedding rings and appeared arm in arm before a cloud of flashes.

The 76-year-old actor and the 54-year-old model have given each other a new opportunity a month after announcing their separation and have canceled their divorce. According to Jennifer Flavin’s rep, “they are extremely happy.” They decided to go home, chatted and were able to resolve their differences. The couple have reconciled after 25 years of marriage and are the parents of three daughters: Sophia, 26, Sistine, 24, and Scarlet, 20. Stallone also has Seargeoh and had another son, Sage, who died in 2012.

These new images confirm that they are happy together. Several weeks ago, the protagonist of Rambo already left a clue by publishing a photo of his ex-wife’s hand, Jennifer Flavin, in the midst of his controversial separation. “Wonderful,” Stallone said next to the image in which he appears walking on his back and hand in hand with his ex-wife. A somewhat mysterious snapshot that created some confusion among his fans, who kept asking him if they had gotten back together. “This is fantastic, I hope you are working things out”, “I hope you have changed your mind and you can start again” and “you have a wonderful family, take care of it”, are some of the comments received by the Rocky star.

Reconciliation is already a fact. It is true that it never ceases to amaze how easy things have been resolved despite how complicated they seemed. Recall that Flavin in her divorce petition alleged that her husband “was intentionally wasting marital assets” and requested “to be compensated in his favor”, while demanding that he be “prohibited from selling or transferring any assets” during the process. And Stallone removed his wife’s tattoos to erase all traces of his past. In the same way, he denied that the reasons for her breakup were due to a dog, as had been speculated. “We didn’t end the relationship with such a trivial argument,” he explained. “We just went in different directions,” he noted.

But he also spoke of the mother of his daughters with immense affection, making it clear that respect and love would remain. Flavin, on the other hand, recognized that she would always appreciate the years they shared and that she was certain that they would remain committed to her daughters.

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