Susanna Griso goes out for food with friends

Susanna Griso goes out for food with friends

We love to see the most recognized television presenters in the country going about their daily lives. By the mere fact of seeing them on the screen every day, many viewers think that their day to day is very contrary to that of other mortals, but it is not like that. An example of this is Ana Rosa Quintana or her competent faithful, Susanna Griso.

The presenter of ‘Espejo Público’ has been seen on many occasions taking a walk, with her children, shopping, this time we have caught Susanna Griso enjoying a meal with friends where we have seen her having a great time. And look, we like a sauce to be there, but the truth is that the journalist greeted the press who was in the vicinity with her best smile despite wearing the regulation mask.

Talks and more talks, that’s what Susanna Griso’s special food was about this Friday, after telling on her television program the scare she had with her daughter on a boat last summer when she fell into the sea and a boat passed her above. Fortunately everything was a shock.

The presenter chose an outfit as casual and comfortable as possible for this meal. Loose dark pants combined with velvety ankle boots in gray tones and a jacket in the purest rock style. In addition, Susanna wore a rectangular bag, briefcase type, red that gave the perfect touch to her look, managing to be one of the most sophisticated.

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