Expulsion of an Argentine goalkeeper for urinating on the court during a match in Ecuador

Expulsion of an Argentine goalkeeper for urinating on the court during a match in Ecuador

The Argentine goalkeeper of Macara, Joaquin Pucheta, was expelled this Saturday for urinate behind the arch during the triumph that his team achieved by 1 – 0 before Pray in the soccer tournament of Ecuador, but the television images only managed to capture the moment of the sanction.

Joaquín Pucheta, went to the sector of the billboards and urinated behind them while the ball was in the rival field. At that moment, the players and the technical staff of Orense complained to the referee Roberto Sánchez, who ended up showing the goalkeeper the red card”, detailed the local electronic newspaper First fruits.

The sanction took place in injury time of the commitment corresponding to the ninth date of the first phase of the domestic tournament. The winning goal of Macara was the work of Second Portocarrero (at 68 minutes), who ended up occupying the goalkeeper position in the last moments of the match.

The goalkeeper was sent off for being considered unsportsmanlike conduct”, indicated the morning Trade, in its online edition and would face a sanction of three to six months according to the regulations of the Ecuadorian tournament.

Macara came in fifth place with 15 points, three from the leader Barcelona of Guayaquil, while Pray fell to last place with 5 units.

It is not the first time that such an event has happened. On 2009, Jens Lehmann He starred in a similar situation in a Champions League duel. The German had argued that that match had represented one of the moments that had suffered the most pressure and tension in his life.

However, their justifications did not convince, since the experienced goalkeeper had been present in much more important matches (for example the 2006 World Cup) and this was a crossing of the group stage of the Champions League between Stuttgart and Urziceni Union.

Another case remembered is that he had Sergio Goycochea as a star figure during the world Cup who organized Italy in 1990.

Although the Argentine did not fulfill his needs during the 90 minutes, one of his customs was urinate in the moments prior to penal definitions.

A cabal that became a tradition and contributed so that the selected one in charge of Carlos Salvador Bilardo make it to the final of the most coveted championship on the planet.

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