On the occasion of World Cancer Day, celebrated last Friday, February 4, the actress Sofia Vergara wanted to open up to her fans on Instagram and recount her most difficult battle against this disease when she was only 28 years old.

Through a post, the Colombian wanted to show the scar left by thyroid cancer:

At 28, ‘Cancer’ Wasn’t a Word I Expected to Hear. It was a routine check. But the doctors found a lump in my throat, and that word became part of my history. I spent countless hours in radiation treatments and eventually surgery. Today I can say that I am a cancer survivor.

Alongside a photo showing the scar, the actress writes, “This was my first acting class after diagnosis and treatment, and seeing the scar on my throat It reminds me of how blessed I felt that day, and every day since. I am lucky and grateful to be in a position to share my story and say: early prevention is so important!”

“Schedule your annual review for this year if you haven’t already done so,” she advises her almost 25 million followers who were unaware of this difficult stage in Sofía Vergara’s life, and who have applauded her sincerity and her courage to tell that it is all a survivor.

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