Singer Rex Orange County was reported for sexual abuse and will be sent to trial

Singer Rex Orange County was reported for sexual abuse and will be sent to trial

On July 2, Alex O’Connor – known by his stage name as Rex Orange County – announced on his Instagram account that, due to “unforeseen personal circumstances”, he was not going to do the stipulated tour, in which he planned to tour from his Native London to Australia, Europe and New Zealand. Although he did not give details about it, the reason behind the cancellation soon emerged: a complaint of sexual abuse against him. On October 10, the singer appeared before the Justice and denied the accusations. After leaving the compound, he was released on bail and will now face trial.

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At the age of 24, Rex Orange County was experiencing his greatest popularity in music, with various releases and performances that captivated young audiences. In 2017 he became more relevant when he was part of the album Flower Boy by Tyler, the Creator. Since then, his works began to have a popularity that led him to fulfill his dream.

In the midst of the maelstrom of the fulfilled dream, and with a promising career, he became the center of attention and not just because of his work. A young woman denounced him for multiple sexual assaults. According to her statement, the first event occurred on June 1. Then there were several more attacks and the last one would have occurred in the victim’s house, in Notting Hill.

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Due to the aforementioned facts, the artist had to appear at the Southwark Crown Court in London on October 10. There he assured that he is innocent of the crimes of which the woman accuses him – whose identity was not disclosed but it would be a teenager over 16 years old – and was released on bail. In this context, a trial date was set to begin on January 3, 2023. There, the authorities will determine his legal status.

For several weeks, the singer has been silent on social networks. In fact, since August he has not published anything. The last post he made was of a show he was going to give in London, and for which he seemed very excited.

It is estimated that now, until his legal situation is clarified, there will be a standstill in his career and he will have to wait for the trial to take place.

“Alex is shocked by the allegations which he denies and hopes to clear his name in court. He cannot comment further due to ongoing procedures, ”said the musician’s representative in dialogue with The Sun. If found guilty, the artist will face a harsh sentence.

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According to the complainant, the attacks by the musician were repeated on six different occasions. The first was on June 1 in the West End; another was during a taxi ride the next day. He also specified that there were a series of episodes that took place in his house in Notting Hill.


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