Shawn Mendes has mental health problems and cancels his entire tour

Shawn Mendes has mental health problems and cancels his entire tour

Canadian singer Shawn Mendes, interpreter of “When You’re Gone” has his fans in a sea of ​​tears, since it is certain that he will cancel all his presentations in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe, but the music star is not feeling well.

The 23-year-old singer had announced a couple of weeks ago the suspension of some of his concert dates, since he reported that the anxiety was making him go through a bad time, so he would give himself a month to rest at home and with his family, to stabilize his condition. mental health.

Mendes told his fans, through social networks, that he needed to make this decision, because he had previously tried to take time to heal, but it was not enough, which made him decide to walk away a little, but, he assured that he would resume his tour.

Unfortunately, the young man has not felt better and for that reason, he will not give more presentations live.

His faithful followers showed their support for the singer and they kept hoping that everything that happened to Mendes would be temporary and that he would soon announce his return, a situation that did not happen.

Despite being aware of his health and condition emotional and mental. Now fans will have to postpone their desire to see him sing live for a longer time.

The singer used his social networks again to be honest with his fans and through an extensive text, explained the reasons why he is not feeling well and has been absent and away from all public life.

Camila Cabello’s ex-boyfriend asked his followers to give him more time to find himself in better mental health and give them the best of himself.

In the text, shared on his official Instagram account, Mendes mentioned what would happen with his presentations in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.

After speaking at length with my team and an incredible group of healthcare professionals, it has become clearer that I need to take the time I have never taken before in my personal life, to get back on the ground and be able to come back stronger,” he wrote.

In the message, Mendes also expressed his desire to reschedule those concerts as soon as possible and assured his fans that he will continue to compose and work on his music.

Finally, Shawn Mendes thanked all his followers for the enormous support they are giving him at the moment for what he is going through.

He also said that he loves them and that he thanks them for continuing to accompany him on this path, but for the moment, the new dates of his commitments in these countries have not been announced, so we will have to wait for him to adjust the entire calendar that he already had. ready for this 2022.

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