Recently, the famous actor Jason Momoa has confirmed the return of the actor Ben Affleck as “Batman” in “Aquaman 2”, something that without a doubt many were looking forward to.

That’s right, the handsome actor Jason Momoa broke the news through his Instagram account after posting a couple of photos with Ben Affleck.

In this way, it is confirmed that the actor Ben Affleck will return as “Batman” for the second part of the tape of the king of the seas, “Aquaman 2”.

Together! Bruce Wayne and Arthur Curry. I love you and miss you. Studio tours with Ben Affleck at Warner Bros. Pictures have just explored the outer buildings. Everything is alright. They broke me on set. All the cool stuff coming up in Aquaman 2,” he wrote on his social network.

It should be noted that in said photograph you can see the husband of the singer Jennifer Lopez in an elegant suit, clothing very similar to that used by the character of Bruce Wayne.

Following the unexpected post, fans couldn’t hide their excitement at the return of the superhero defending Gotham City.

I love you guys”, “This is amazing and so nice”, “My perfect Batman”, “The real Batman”, were some of the comments from the actors’ followers.

In recent days, the theme of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s honeymoon has given rise to talk on social networks, since some paparazzi have photographed the couple, this in various somewhat uncomfortable situations for the in love

One of these images shows the actor crying with the actress, while she seemed to comfort him.

However, that was not the only photograph, due to the fact that he was also caught sleeping while taking a family walk along the Seine River.

As expected, this last photo caused a stir on social networks, so users did not wait and shared their reactions, including Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez, who recreated Ben’s sleeping scene, in open spaces. .

It was through the Instagram account of Alessandra Rosaldo, where the photograph was shared and that the actor can be seen with his mouth open, his eyes closed and a cell phone in his hand while prostrated in a chair.

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