The Ramos-Rubio family is celebrating. Pilar reaches 44 springs today and does so surrounded by her loved ones. The host She is going through one of her sweetest moments, both personally and professionally, and her husband wanted to show her his pride through a tender public congratulations in their social networks where he has more than 49 million followers. He has shared some images from his family album and has dedicated some emotional words to the mother of his four children: “If life is measured by the people who accompany you in it, I am the luckiest person”.

Along with some beautiful family photographs in Paris, the city of love that they have established as their residence, Sergio Ramos has been grateful to Pilar Rubio for supporting him in his new professional stage at PSG, accompanying him to the French capital: “Thank you, darling, for giving me a hand in every challenge, for facing it head-on, with strength and courage, for smiling inside and out and for enriching the soul of those who touch yours.”. In the images, the marriage appears with his four children; Sergio, Alejandro, Marco and Máximo, sailing by boat on the Seine River, with privileged views of the Eiffel Tower.

Sergio Ramos has concluded his emotional dedication emphasizing how lucky he and his children are to have a woman like her by his side: “We congratulate you, but luck is ours to have you. Happy Birthday! We love you madly, my love”.

Now the happy marriage faces an uncertain future for the doubts that they plan about the permanence of Sergio Ramos at PSG. Although he signed a two-year contract, his continual injuries have put him in the crosshairs of the club’s board, which could start to reconsider signing him. Against this background, the possibility is being considered that, as other footballers have done in recent years of his career, he and his family move to Miami or Los Angeles a decision that would, once again, give a 180 degree turn to the life of Pilar Rubio.

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