Amelia Bono is one of the best-known faces in social news, not only because of her status as ‘daughter of’ Jose Bono, but because of its strong presence in social networks. With more than 400,000 followers on her official Instagram account, she has become an influencer who shares with her fans each of the outfits that she wears in her day to day. In addition, he also publishes some moments of her private life and responds to personal questions, as in this last case. Faced with the barrage of questions that have come to him about an alleged pregnantthe it girl has finally cleared up the rumours.

“How about family? Well girls, I wanted to say good morning. It is 08:15 in the morning and I have woken up with many private messages and on my wall … ”, she begins by saying Amelia Bono about the comments of her followers that allude to a supposed state of good hope, just before clarifying that “I’m not pregnant”. The truth is that in one of her latest posts the influencer shows a slightly less flat stomach than usual in her, but assures that it has nothing to do with an increase in the family: “Well, you will see me fatter. How good! You always tell me that I am very thin…”.

But, in addition, Amelia Bono has clarified that she does not plan to have more children in the future: “I’m not pregnant, nor will I be. I have already covered my quota”. The truth is that the influencer has formed, together with Manuel Martos, a beautiful family of four children that looks like something out of a cereal commercial and that sticks together despite their notorious breakup.

It was in June of last year when both announced their separation through their social networks, although they made it clear that they would stick together for the good of the little ones that they have in common: “We will continue to be together and united throughout our lives for our 4 treasures, which are the most wonderful thing we have, and for everything that these years together have meant. We give thanks to life for everything we have lived and also for everything we have left to live. Our love and affection will continue to be just as important, just as beautiful, just as big, but different.”.

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