Model and now businesswoman, Marta Ortiz, launched a project to promote the consumption of sustainable fashion made in Spain during confinement. Today, she has established an online sales platform that helps small businesses and –why not– to consumers aware of the planet.

-As a final consumer, I began to miss a place where I could find a selection of quality garments and timeless designs, different from what the big brands currently offer. During the confinement stage, I launched an initiative to help promote the consumption of sustainable fashion made in Spain, under the name #YoTeSigoATi, through which I made emerging brands known to my followers. To my surprise, it was a total success! Through this initiative, I saw the efforts of many family businesses that they respected the environment and their workers, and I asked myself: why do we reward large corporations when they do not comply with something as basic as fundamental rights? So I came to the conclusion that a platform like MATIZ could be a great digital solution not only for the consumer, but also a great ally for small businesses that take care of the way they produce, from the use of raw materials, even workers’ rights. MATIZ is the loudspeaker for all those brands that swim against the current of the almighty “fast fashion”.

-What challenges are you facing when launching a fashion brand in this delicate moment, between a pandemic, an economic crisis and now a supply crisis?

-Entrepreneurship is very complicated and you face difficulties every day. The birth of MATIZ came about in a very natural way, partly because of my career as a model, but also because the moment was right. Since the pandemic, there has been a change in consumer behavior, catapulting the sustainable fashion market. Of course, MATIZ would not be possible without the trust of all the brands that we currently have on the platform. We have created a family that fights for the same goal: sustainability.

-Were you really aware of what you were doing?

-As a model, I have learned to be persistent, believe in what you do, and above all, set realistic goals to avoid the disappointment of high expectations. From the time I decided in February that MATIZ was going to become a reality, until we launched the website in June, I never set a real sales target. I took it all quite philosophically and let it all flow. I knew I was doing the right thing, and that was enough for me to overcome the challenges. When you do things with love and passion, you infect others and make the machine work. I can’t quite believe what we have achieved in these six months, this gives me the strength to continue working for a more ethical and responsible consumption.

-Tell us, why should we bet on your basics? What makes them unique and different from those that already exist on the market?

-In MATIZ you find a curated selection of emerging brands with unique designs that I choose myself. The materials used are respectful with the environment and with its workers, something that you cannot find in the “fast fashion” market. Sustainability begins with responsible consumption, which is why we pay close attention to our customer service, advising with a wide range of sustainable, quality and timeless “nuances”.

-What do you say to people who see a certain paradox in a basic firm promoting the idea of ​​sustainability, creating and producing even more clothing than what already exists on the planet?

– Personally, I have not bought clothes for two years. Giving up is also choosing. Unfortunately, we are educated in a consumerist system, and not everyone chooses this path. Consuming gives us happiness, therefore, if you consume, do it in a conscious way, that is, be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you really need it. The brands that we have at MATIZ produce sustainably with environmentally friendly materials. If you look at what you eat, why don’t you look at what you wear?

-In addition to its own collection, it works with sustainable brands that are also sold under the umbrella of its brand. What are the requirements for a firm to be able to associate with what it has already created? Do you have many requests for signatures? Do you choose them personally?

-The first requirement to enter MATIZ is the use of sustainable materials (whether they are natural, recycled or eco-certified fibers). Afterwards, every brand must comply with the labor rights of its workers. Almost all the brands that we currently have produce in Spain, promoting “kilometer zero” and taking up almost lost artisan trades. We constantly receive proposals from firms that want to be part of MATIZ, but I am very selective, since I prioritize the timelessness and quality of the materials.

-Within its platform, clients can also sell the clothes they no longer wear, to give it a second life and receive points to exchange for products for sale on its website. Do you accept all types of clothing? What filters must pass? Now it is almost everything from luxury brands, such as Loewe, Celine, Tom Ford.

-Our business model is inspired by the circular economy, so we must prioritize and buy what is already manufactured. Personally, I am a junkie for second-hand clothing and wanted the “Pre Loved” section to be one of the main legs of MATIZ. For the vintage pieces we make a preselection of the garments that are sent to us by WhatsApp, we photograph them and we upload them to the web. The garments you find are top brand treasures in perfect condition.

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