Serena Grandi, the interview with Fagnani: hot off-air emerged

Serena Grandi, the interview with Fagnani: hot off-air emerged

The beloved actress Serena Grandi was interviewed by Francesca Fagnani in ‘Belve‘ : the statements leaked by the off-air , with the cameras off, are really hot.

Serena Grandi interviewed by Francesca Fagnani: the statements

It is one of the best known faces and a true icon of Italian cinema . Serena Grandi , protagonist not only of many films, but also of a rather eventful private life , talks about herself in an interview with Francesca Fagnani . The chat between the two women was broadcast on Rai Due on the evening of Friday 11 March, and touched on various topics: from drug abuse to relationships with prominent personalities such as Berlusconi , Pino Daniele and Celentano.

Serena Grandi and the abuse of drugs

Mentana’s wife soon introduced the thorny topic of drugs, but was stopped by Grandi : “I had a small son, I had to think about him … I didn’t have time for substances , I hate everything that is dust.” However, Fagnani presses, recalling that Grandi had admitted to having used drugs in the past, but the actress replies: “I had to admit it, because the lawyer asked me to admit, there were even more names important that they had to admit. I lied because I had to. “

The love life of Serena Grandi

Later the focus of the interview shifted to the love life of Serena Grandi , with Fagnani who wanted to investigate the rumors of the actress’s alleged flirtations with some characters in sight, naming the names of Gianni AgnelliGianni MorandiAdriano CelentanoPino DanieleSilvio Berlusconi and Bettino Craxi. Even in this case, however, the denial came : ” I didn’t go with anyone with these .” However, it is interesting to point out what the actress then told when the cameras went off. From what I learned from Dagospia , in the off-air, Serena Grandi uttered these words, as if to retract : “ But what do I owe you? What did they bring them to me in bed? Not a little while ago, I have a son at home … But you know what? I don’t remember the reports . “

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