Belen Rodriguez showed herself before and after the make-up session , showing all her fans the big change achieved thanks to make-up.

Belen Rodriguez, with and without makeup: the change of the showgirl

Belen Rodriguez is one of the most loved showgirls ever and is always very present also on social networks. On television we are used to always seeing her perfect, with incredible looks and great beauty. Belen also often appears natural , in the moments of her daily life. She did it too in the bakestage of Le Iene, in which she decided to document her transformation before and after Di lei make-up. Belen usually always focuses on natural make-up, with a few more touches of mascara and eye-liner. The difference between her soap and water look and her look when she’s wearing makeup is really noticeable. With two stories on instagram, Rodriguez showed everyone her transformation, thanking Cristina Isac, the make-up artist who has been part of her staff for years and always takes care of her beauty routine.

Belen Rodriguez shows herself natural

Belen Rodriguez wrote “ before the make-up… stay connected and I’ll show you the after “. In the background a photo of her in a soap and water version , with an ironic grimace that shows that she likes to take herself not too seriously. Even with this natural look she is always beautiful. After the make-up session she showed herself with more defined eyes, colored cheeks and a prominent mouth. The showgirl left everyone breathless, both in the first version and in the second, thanks to her natural beauty.

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