“Save me” reveals how much Anabel Pantoja charges on Instagram

“Save me” reveals how much Anabel Pantoja charges on Instagram

You could earn up to 40,000 euros a month

José Noblejas, an expert in digital marketing, visited “Salvame” yesterday to reveal what the best-known Spanish instagramers earn on the networks, among them, Anabel Pantoja stands out.

Noblejas showed that the Sevillian has 1.6 million followers: “Its commercial volume in Instagram is well above what we can find on average in the market”.

He later pointed out that he shares about 12 promotional publications a month, although she is also very active in Instagram Stories: “Then there are many collaborations, a lot of product samples, a lot of experience”.

The expertyo assured that a television collaborator could earn between 3,500 and 4,500 euros for each publication, which would make the earnings for her work in this social network amount to about 40,000 euros per month.

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