Diego Matamoros reappears and reveals: “I have left a spectacular gluteus”

Diego Matamoros reappears and reveals: “I have left a spectacular gluteus”

Diego Matamoros has reappeared in the edes to explain the reason for his prolonged silence. Fortunately, it was nothing serious. Diego Matamoros’ son is happy, the reason: he continues to take care of his body. That is why he has revealed that he has gone under the knife again to undergo a new aesthetic touch-up.

“Hi everyone! I finally show my face around here a bit. You already know that I’ve been missing lately and I don’t post anything on the wall. We will be back in business soon”, he begins by saying in a video that he has posted through Stories.

“I am going to explain to you what has happened and what I have been doing. On November 13, I decided to have cosmetic surgery. There are people who are in favor and others who are against,” he says. But he is in favor of retouching “always from the measure and not letting your head go away”.

“There is a part of my life where I do not agree with how I touched my face, but that has been reabsorbed,” he recalled.

“In 2019 when I was happy, married, I started eating like an animal and I put on 110 kilos. Then I lost weight, I got back in shape, but there were already accumulations of fat that it was impossible to remove. One of them: the chest, which was lower than I like; and in the rear flanks, that I didn’t even take it back. Not cardio, not diet, not anything. I decided to do a liposculpture on the chest, stick it, remove a little fat. What we did was like make the shape more beautiful.”

In his story he has highlighted that one touch-up led to another and now he has retouched his butt.

“Just before entering the operation I spoke with my surgeon, Araceli, that I love her a lot, and I told him if we could remove those sweetbreads that I have behind and if we can do something cool with them. He told me: ‘Diego, you don’t have anything.’ But in the end he insisted on his doctor and she agreed to do a touch-up in that area.”

“I decided to transfer the fat that I had there and put it somewhere else. I put it on my glute. I have left a spectacular glute. Overall, I’m super happy,” he continues.

“I’m still not well because I’m still swollen, with edema and so on.” He is still recovering from his time at the hospital, but he promises to show all the photos of the results of his intervention as soon as he can.

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