• In a photograph that she shared through her Instagram stories, the actress Sara Maldonado was seen lying down and sunbathing; She will be part of the cast of the series “Mujeres assassinas” in its new season.

Little by little Sara Maldonado has been increasing the number of her followers on her Instagram, and it already exceeds half a million. In that social network, she shares images in which she appears enjoying her stay in different resorts, and now she hit with a photo that shows her wearing her figure in a minibikini, while she sunbathes by the pool.



The 42-year-old Mexican actress also pleased her fans with a selfie in which she wrote “good morning” as she posed in a white swimsuit that highlighted her tan. More than a year ago Sara underwent liposuction, whose results were very satisfactory, generating more confidence and empowerment in her, which can be seen in her posts.

Inside the jacuzzi, Sara looked very relaxed, wearing a printed swimsuit; She has not stopped being active in her projects as an actress, and after having a co-starring role in the series “El galán” she now informed her followers -through an Instagram post- that she will be part of the cast in the new season of “Muscular women”, to be released on the Vix + platform.

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