Sandra Cuevas appeared at the Sonora Market during the fire and was described as an

Sandra Cuevas appeared at the Sonora Market during the fire and was described as an “opportunist”

Although the Sonora Market is located in the mayor’s office Venustiano Carranza, the mayoral government Cuauhtémoc, headed by Sandra Cuevas, decided to immediately support the rescue work of people and animals during the fort fire that was registered this Thursday morning in the food area.

And it is that the president of the coalition “Va por México” (PRI-PAN-PRD) instructed her team of Civil Protection and Elite Group of Immediate Reaction, made up of approximately 50 elements, to contribute to the claim control, well also awarded six water pipes to douse the flames.

It is worth mentioning that Cuevas was not the only mayor who expressed solidarity in the maneuvers, but yes in making an appearance in the emblematic market, where she met her morenista counterpart Evelyn Parra.

“I know that we are different mayors but when it comes to a tragedy like this we must be vigilant and connected, so we hope to be of help to Mayor Evelin Parra.”

“We are here to support it, the only thing that divides us is an Axis, but there is my entire elite group of immediate reaction. They entered to evict people, it is with great respect, we were glued and we had to come to help, there are all the water pipes. Cuevas told the press.

She highlighted the need for invest in the maintenance and remodeling of public markets throughout Mexico City, as they are trade centers where millions of people arrive who deserve to have the minimum security measures.

For her part, the mayor of Venustiano Carranza replied: “I really thank you, here we are and we are going to work”, while coordinating the work of the staff of the Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection (SGIRPC) and the heroic Fire Department.

It is worth mentioning that through her Twitter account also, she thanked the other mayors who sent emergency service.

(Foto: Twitter/AlcCuauhtemocMx)

Despite the fact that the mayor of Cuauhtémoc pointed out that her intervention was made with respect, Social media users criticized her actions, calling her opportunistic for presenting herself to the incident that occurred outside her demarcation.

The tweeters questioned the true motives for which he went to the market, suggesting that she only showed up to “be in the picture.”

“What is the ridiculous Sandra Cuevas doing in Venustiano Carranza? Don’t be nosy, you are not well received, better take care of your mayor’s office ”, “Because you are the protagonist, other mayors supported and are not looking for the photo”, “You should start by helping the people of your own mayor’s office”, “Quick, bring me some led screens and a couple of emergency zip lines!”, Read between the reactions.

Hours later, the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office shared photos and videos on her social networks of her staff and Sandra Cuevas during her stay at the Sonora Market.

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