Salma Hayek’s mother comes out in her defense after Balenciaga controversy

Salma Hayek’s mother comes out in her defense after Balenciaga controversy

Salma Hayek has been involved in controversy after her husband François-Henri Pinault was pointed out for allegedly being part of Balenciaga’s advertising campaign in which they used children as models, making them wear bears with accessories related to sadomasochism and other practices in those who are minors should not be included.

Because Pinault is the owner of the Kering conglomerate, which represents luxury clothing brands such as the aforementioned or Gucci, it is that both the businessman and his wife came under public scrutiny, but to date none of the two have spoken about it.

However, the one who did come out in defense of the actress was Diana Jiménez Medina who, upon hearing the questions from the reporter of the Ventaneando program regarding this controversial issue, said:

“What does my daughter have to do with that? I think that since Salmita has never given anything to say, they seize on that incident, that mistake, that employee to involve her, but it’s nothing more than a bad vibe and bad intentions from people and they are things that I don’t even want to see, it’s not worth it, my daughter is above any gossip, because it’s nothing more than gossip”.

Immediately afterwards, the mother of the protagonist of the film Frida, emphasized the virtues of the famous descendant of hers. “I already knew where you were going, and I appreciate the opportunity to tell the world that Salma does not deserve to be criticized badly, that Salma has many things to teach us, as a human being her development has been great, and it is not because she is my daughter , and I want someone to tell me that it is not true,” she declared.

In the same way, she took the opportunity to warn that the actress has special protection. “All those who try to stain her, well, she returns to them, because it is the law of life. So calm down, let everyone know that my daughter is great by herself, ”she asserted.

On the other hand, Diana Jiménez confessed the valuable product that will take the Mexican interpreter now that she will visit her in France. “Yes, yes, I bring you Palo Santo incense, in Querétaro you can get it easily,” she said.

Together, she boasted of the excellent relationship that she maintains with her ex-husband, Sami Hayek, because although they have been separated for some time, they will spend the Christmas holidays with her descendants. “We have been divorced for many years, but we are friends and parents together with the children, understanding the human being is very important.”

Finally, Salma’s mother confessed that for the moment she has not observed artistic attitudes in her beloved granddaughter. “She First she has to do a more official career and now, we’ll see later, she plans to study business (business), (like her father) exactly,” she said.

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