The production company is in the casting phase of the contest and has not yet decided who will be part of the jury. The production company denies the signing of Rocío Carrasco and leaves the continuity of the current cast of judges on the air.

After trying to obtain statements from Paz Padilla about the information published by Lecturas, the woman from Cádiz has referred us to the directors of the production company and has declined to comment on the controversy that has been unleashed after the news of his sudden dismissal as a jury of the Got Talent program was made public.

For this reason, La Razón has contacted Tony Lopez, communication director of the Got Talent production company, which has denied the veracity of what was published. Both from Mediaset and from the production company “we are denying what has been published. It is false that we have considered hiring Rocío Carrasco. Regarding the dismissal of Paz Padilla I can only tell you that nothing has been decided yet. We do not know who will make up the jury for the next edition of Got Talent. We are still in the casting phase and it is not true, as has been published, that it has been decided to do without it, nor that Rocío Carrasco is going to replace it. The composition of the jury is subject to the joint decision of the chain and the producer and, at the moment, we do not know if there will be any drop in the regular cast.”

“Rocío Carrasco has never been in the shortlist of possible candidates to be part of the Got Talent jury. It is totally ruled out. We have not even considered signing Rocío Jurado’s daughter.”

The communication manager of Fremantle Media, producer of the Talent Show, categorically assures us. As for the sudden dismissal of Paz Padilla or the possible replacement of a member of the team, it is not so blunt and states that, “the composition of the jury is a joint chain decision that has not yet been taken. There may be casualties in the team but it could be any of the current ones, Paz, Dani, Edurne o Risto. Last year, due to personal circumstances, Paz was dismissed and did not join until the semifinals.”

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