Robbie Williams has sold all of his houses and no longer knows where to live. He told about it in a radio interview in Australia.

The singer reportedly sold his Los Angeles mansion to rapper Drake for £ 35 million in a private deal. In January, he also sold his Wiltshire house for £ 6.75 million, which means the family is now considering his options: “We’re actually nowhere. We don’t have a home right now. we’ve sold pretty much everything , we don’t live anywhere and we’re trying to figure out what to do.”

“The four children are constantly a Rubix cube that we are trying to solve because if they are in school they do not see me because I am everywhere and if I am at home they have another set of things that are a problem”.

The former Take That has neither confirmed nor denied that he sold his villa to rapper Drake: “If that were true I would have signed a non-disclosure agreement with any Canadian with whom it happened.

The singer shared the home with his wife Ayda Field, 42, and their four children: Theodora, nine, Charlton, seven, Colette, three, and Beau, two.

Regarding future projects, Robbie Williams talked about his biopic Better Man: “I’m shooting a movie in Australia. For a narcissist it’s a wonderful project because it’s all about me and my life.”

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