Queen Letizia, aunt again: her sister Telma Ortiz has already given birth

Queen Letizia, aunt again: her sister Telma Ortiz has already given birth

It is the second daughter of the consort’s sister

Queen Letizia and the rest of her family are celebrating. Her sister Telma Ortiz just gave birth to the daughter that she was waiting for with Robert Gavin.

It has been the journalist Beatriz Cortazar who has shared the happy news in the program ‘It’s Federico’s morning’, and at the moment many more details have not transpired.

Telma Ortiz and Robert Gavin have thus become a large family. She has a previous daughter as a result of her relationship with the lawyer Enrique Martín Llopis, while her current partner also has two children from his previous marriage to Sharon Corr, the violinist and singer who dedicated a controversial song to Telma Ortiz, which she refers to as “the twisted sister of the Queen”.

The birth of the little girl has filled the whole family with joy, at a time when they were still recovering from the death of grandmother Menchu ​​Álvarez del Valle.

Of course, being a person outside the Royal Family, since Zarzuela no information or news has been shared about it, but it is expected that Queen Letizia and King Felipe return ahead of schedule from their private vacations to meet the newcomer to the family.

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