Princess Eleanor returns to Wales without the Wise Men

Princess Eleanor returns to Wales without the Wise Men

In Wales, where its Atlantic College educational center is located, the Christmas holidays end this Wednesday, as the Epiphany of the Magi from the East is not celebrated there. Princess Eleanor starts the year in an unusual way.

Traditionally, it is a day that she has been with her family, especially with her mother. It has been almost three weeks in Spain where there has been no public act by the Royal House in which the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Spain participated.

From Zarzuela they have adhered to sending the traditional Christmas greetings in which the Princess appeared in the gardens of her home in Spain along with her sister, Infanta Sofía, and her parents, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia.

This year, the Princess will not go to the traditional roscón de Reyes at the home of her paternal grandfather Jesús Ortiz. An event that usually brings together all the grandchildren of the family and that has been a tradition that has been carried out religiously since she was born.

The other granddaughters

The Infanta Sofía will attend that celebration, as well as her cousins. The daughter of the late Erika Ortiz, Carla Vigo, which after standing out in her role as an actress and as an influencer is the most mediated by her own will of the family.

The daughters of Telma Ortiz will also attend. Amanda Martín and her little sister, of which the name is not yet known.

No media has evidence that Princess Eleanor has had a relationship with her other first cousins ​​these holidays. Not with the children of Doña Elena, Victoria and Felipe de Marichalar, nor with the four children of Infanta Cristina, so the distance has always been greater, despite the fact that Leonor and Irene Urdangarin are of similar ages.

Possibly, Leonor took advantage of these dates to be with the friends who left the Colegio Santa María de los Rosales, but there is no record of it.

Nor, of the possible love of the future heiress with which part of the press speculates with error. The only person who has remained by her side with certainty is her sister, Infanta Sofía, with which her bond is very strong and with which she maintains regular video calls.

In the Dutch monarchy they have publicized the “school adventures” of Princess Alexia. The family even released a photo with which they officially welcomed the “royal” to their home.

Here, in Zarzuela there is no information on the academic development of Princess Leonor. It is not something surprising, since the same line of communication has always been followed when she was studying in Madrid.

Be that as it may, Leonor flies alone without the Kings on Three Kings Day to draw her own future without so much pressure.

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