With more than half an hour late, at the edge of ten at night, Flight IB3161, from London, was landing at the satellite terminal of T4. In it, occupying a seat in Business class, in row 6, a young blonde did not go unnoticed despite wearing the required mask.

Leonor, the daughter of the Kings of Spain, surrounded by five bodyguards who sat next to her and in the back row, she was the last passenger to get on the plane. Very shy and trying not to attract attention, she sat in her seat and entertained herself with her Smartphone, waiting for take off.

The flight that has a usual duration of two and a half hours, it arrived almost forty minutes late. The reason: a technical problem with the reverse gear, as explained by the commander of the ship to the passengers, and that caused it to take off half an hour later from London Heathrow airport.

The princess landed at 9:50 p.m. on the satellite runway, the furthest from the airport, she was the first to get off the plane. Although we have not been able to confirm it, it is very likely that the Kings of Spain, Felipe VI and Letizia, as well as her sister went to the airport to pick her up, although, unlike the day he left for England, the Casa del Rey has not provided the media with any photos of their arrival in Spain.

Leonor has put on several kilos in England according to the witness who has spoken exclusively for LA RAZÓN

LA RAZÓN has had exclusive access to the testimony of a traveler who traveled with the heiress and who did not lose details of what happened during the flight.

“I realized it was her because she entered the last one and surrounded by two visible escorts, two middle-aged men. Then I noticed that they weren’t the only ones, since there were three others in the row before us: two younger men and a younger woman, dressed casually, who looked like a family. I realized that they were part of his security team because they spoke with those who accompanied the Princess in the same line. There was also another anecdote that exposed them. A tourist passenger went to the business bathroom and, then, one of the escorts in row 7 got up and the girl stopped him when she realized that the man had made a mistake and did not represent a danger”.

Our confidant assures that Leonor de Borbón, who checked in her luggage, two carry-on suitcases, was the last to enter and the first to leave the aircraft, along with her two “visible” bodyguards.

“She is very blonde, she wore her hair in a ponytail and dressed casually in jeans. She did not seem as tall as I thought, I estimate she will be 1.70, or as thin as in the photos this summer. I was more chubby than in summer. It is clear that he has gained weight in boarding school”, our witness assures us.

The Princess of Asturias will spend three weeks on vacation in Spain that she will dedicate to her family and friends

Although it was believed that the Heir to the Throne was already in Madrid, due to the fact that classes at Atlantic College in Wales ended on December 10, LA RAZON has been able to speak with a person who traveled on the same flight as Leonor de Borbón yesterday, Tuesday, December 14.

The Princess of Asturias will be in Spain until January 5, the day on which she will have to rejoin her classes at her boarding school, since the Three Kings festival is not celebrated in the United Kingdom.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia with Princess Eleanor and Infanta Sofía at the summer inn at the Marivent Palace. August 2019. 

King Felipe and Queen Letizia with Princess Eleanor and Infanta Sofía at the summer inn at the Marivent Palace. August 2019. 

For now and despite its presence in Spain, Zarzuela does not have any act of the princess on her agenda. She’s on vacation and, like any girl her age, she will spend her time seeing her Spanish friends and enjoying the Christmas holidays with his family.

Perhaps, it is in one of these private outings, where you can capture an image of the first-born of the Kings in our country.

Although this time, due to the school calendar of the prestigious international center where he attends high school, she will not be photographed with the rest of the Royal Family at the home of her maternal grandfather, Jesús Ortiz, where they all gather to take the traditional Roscón de Reyes.

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