Christian Nodal and Belinda moved their followers after they were caught on Christmas Eve delivering toys to immigrant and low-income children in California, United States.

“It was very difficult for my parents to give me the things I wanted, but they always did their best. Aunt Martina always gave us beautiful things, so for me it is to share the love that life has given me”, Nodal explained before the cameras of “Despierta América”.

“Belinda I saw you super excited, there was a child who brought tears to your eyes. Tell me what happened?”, the reporter questioned Belinda.

Before the consultation, the singer and actress explained why she could not help but be moved by giving a gift to the little one.

“I am very sensitive and I am very detailed, suddenly I noticed that a child was in pain, that he was leaving and wanted to cry, so I grabbed him and told him to choose the little gifts. It gives me a lot of love to be here, I have been very sensitive from a very young age, with the children, to their happiness”, the actress said excitedly.

The couple’s attendance at this charity event, as well as the fact that they were sharing with the children, was applauded by their fans, who were proud of the singers’ behavior.

Through her official Instagram account, the interpreter of “Light without gravity” shared images of the activity with the little ones who were very happy with the gifts.

“For this I am happy, I am very happy to have shared this moment and to give you a little love and happiness”, the artist wrote. Her publication has more than 300 thousand reproductions and endless comments.

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