Stunning! The beautiful Aleida Núñez undoubtedly looks spectacular at any time of the day and this was more than established in the short recording that she shared in her Instagram stories.

The mexican actress Aleida Nunez filmed herself, giving her followers a perfect “panorama” of her statuesque figure. The now member of the “Great” is preparing more than well for her participation and she was captured early in the morning exercising.

In the recording, the singer also wore a two-piece white sports outfit, leggings and a fairly short top that showed off her abdomen of steel, small waist and enormous attributes.

The Televisa star complemented her sports outfit with very natural makeup and a cap, she captured herself jogging on the treadmill; Without a doubt, the one who gets up early, God helps him.

The beautiful Aleida Nunez also shared how she is preparing for the staging, with choreographers and vocal classes; This spectacular woman has always proven to be very disciplined and dedicated in everything she does.

The singer has shown at all times to be very happy to belong to this show and has even shared part of the rehearsals on her various social networks, her energy and happiness is evident.

Despite being young, Núñez already has an extensive artistic career, beginning in the world of soap operas at a very young age, conquering the screen in melodramas such as Yo soy Betty, La Fea.

Aleida Núñez is having great success on her “only for fans” page, where she is more than constant in sharing very original and more than flirty content and her followers and subscribers are more than happy.

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