Pedrito Sola 'threatens' to leave social networks for this reason

Pedrito Sola ‘threatens’ to leave social networks for this reason

Through Twitter, Pedrito made his position clear. He explained that perhaps very soon he will close his social networks, because according to what he said, “they do not understand the language he speaks.”

“There is no doubt that people do not understand the language they speak or the meaning of the words and are only carried away by envy and hatred of fools; many times I have thought about leaving all social networks, which have nothing to do with social networks. Sad reality”, wrote Pedrito Sola.

As expected, the driver provoked the reaction of hundreds of users who supported him leaving, while others supported his comment.

“Well, go and go”, “Pedrito, don’t be mortified, there will always be envious people and throwing ‘hate’ because they are unhappy in their life”, “Well, take care of the bullshit you say”, “We love you, cheer up”, read through some of the comments he received.

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