Last April 11, Paula Echevarría and her partner Miguel Torres, welcomed their first child in common (the second of the actress), Miguel Jr. A birth that has filled the couple with happiness and also Daniella, the eldest daughter of the protagonist of Velvet.

The Asturian woman has not only shared intimate moments with little Miguel with her fans, giving him a hug, or the numerous expressions of affection, in the form of gifts and flowers received these days. She has also wanted to show the effects of postpartum on her body.

“If the baby is already out, what is in there still? Is it the happiness that takes place?” The actress wrote on her social networks, making it clear that she has not yet regained her original weight. During pregnancy, Paula Echevarría has won 25 kilos despite having tried to lead as active a life as possible.

“I would like to clarify that this is MY REALITY, that my body is like that and reacts like that (it already happened to me with Daniella’s postpartum), but another woman who doesn’t have a gut the day after giving birth is also real. Each body is a world and none is better or worse! Cheer up all the moms!”, concluded her post.

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