CoD Warzone: Event turns you into zombies and new weapon tips

CoD Warzone: Event turns you into zombies and new weapon tips

A gas mask only protects you to a limited extent from the consequences of a biological attack.

The nuclear destruction of Verdansk is getting closer. On 22 April, the Nuke-Event should not only turn Verdansk into a pile of ash, but also initiate the beginning of the third season in CoD Warzone.

There were already signs of the approaching event in the past. Players watched nuclear missiles whiz through the skies, but they didn’t explode. This caused a lot of confusion in the community and was later identified as an early start and a mistake in the game.

Now there are other signs in the game that would warrant a nuclear strike and should not be due to a mistake. Deadly Nova 6 gas floods the southwest of the map and not only ensures your premature death, but also brings you back into the game as a drooling zombie.

However, there is not much official information about Season 3, but there are some interesting leaks that we have summarized for you.

Deadly gas turns you into zombies

If you open the map, you will see two zones in the south, which are marked with a red radiation warning sign. The designated zones are also the two areas where zombies first appeared in Warzone.

If you enter the zone, you take continuous damage. A gas mask provides only limited protection here, as it becomes unusable after a short time. If you go solo and die, you wake up in the gulag as usual. However, if you die in a duo, trio or squad of four, you will be reborn as a zombie.

In zombie form you have the same superpowers as in the Halloween event “Haunting of Verdansk”. In addition to a super jump, with which you can jump what feels like 100 meters, gas grenades and a personal EMP with cooldown are available.

As a zombie, however, you can’t take much – so proceed with caution when dealing with other players. Due to the super jump and the high mobility you can act as a scout in your team and see where the closest opponents are.

New weapon appeared – direct OP?

In addition to the growing zombie threat, there was another small surprise in the game. The emphasis is mainly on small, since the surprise is a compact, fully automatic pistol that already seems to break the meta.

At first glance, the Sykov looks like any other pistol, but it has a handful of attachments that should not be ignored. When fully leveled, you not only have a fully automatic fire mode, but also an 80-round drum magazine and an Akimbo tour.

That means in plain language: An extremely high rate of fire, very low time-to-kill (TTK) and 160 shots until you have to reload again.

User JGOD, who is considered a statistics expert and balance guru in the CoD community, shows what the weapon can do in a Twitter clip:

Link to Twitter content

How do you unlock the Sykov? To unlock the Sykov, you have to kill four enemies in five different games with pistols. Since most handguns are not particularly powerful and cannot take on an assault rifle at a distance, it is particularly recommended to play in the hardcore modes.

In the best of cases, you only need one shot here to eliminate the enemy. Coupled with the high mobility of a pistol, you are on your feet and can quickly dash across the map and collect your kills.

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