Last Christmas Eve was not especially familiar to the Ortega Canos. As happened last year, the youngest of the clan was infected with coronavirus and he and his mother had to spend Christmas Eve in the hospital to undergo a PCR test, as explained by Ana María Aldón herself through her social networks.

“With the illusion that I had that tonight Santa Claus was coming and in the end we will see each other on Christmas Eve in the hospital with a fever of 39.5”, lamented the Andalusian designer.

Now, Ortega Cano faces a few days of loneliness as a result of the isolation of his wife and young son. Ana Maria Aldón and José María remain confined in one of the rooms of the immense family home, while Gloria Camila is enjoying a trip with her boyfriend to the mountains, where they are both skiing.

Thus, the right-hander must manage on his own and has become the right hand of his wife, giving him everything he needs to endure these days of confinement.

Ortega Cano

Ortega Cano

Ortega Cano has been seen walking alone through the streets near his home, holding in his hand a shopping bag in which he will surely carry groceries and other essential items that Ana María Aldón and her son José María may need.

It is up to the air if they will finally be able to meet on the next New Year’s Eve, depending on whether little José María gives negative or not in future PCR tests.

However, Ana María Aldón, who at the moment has not been infected, says she has shown symptoms in the last hours, so it is most likely that she will also end up testing positive for the last night of the year. Will the bullfighter have to dine only on December 31?

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