The professional boxer Ebanie “The Blond Bomber” Bridges shocked by revealing that one of the strongest blows he has received is from a star of OnlyFans.

Is about Elle Brooke who in her opinion “has one of the hardest blows he has ever known”, so he has no doubt that he can make a career in the sport of fists.

Precisely now both train in the same gym, even the athlete was clear in pointing out that “it’s not a lie, she may be one of the toughest boxers I’ve ever been in a ring with… hit very hard“.

“She came to the gym to have this fight, and I’m telling you right now, obviously at first I thought, fuck, she’s everything I’ve been trying to prove I’m not; just a big fuckup.” **ing gimmick, blonde, big tits, whatever,” she said on her podcast.

“When he entered the gym he was shit. She had never thrown a punch before. But she was so determined and so dedicated to her goal of getting in that ring and fighting in four months and doing it right.. She was grafting like us, like world champions,” she added.

And he finished: “I think that if it was not Elle Brooke, and it was like a normal person, it could enter the fans, and it would do very well, and it could have a proper career. She is only 24 years old.”

It is worth mentioning that Elle Brooke assured that she will soon return to the ring, after in her debut she defeated Also Bunker last July. “Not too soon, but soon and it will come, I promise. You won’t have to wait too long.”

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