The arrival of Lionel Messi to FC Barcelona seems to be being negotiated from now on and the departure of Gerard Piqué would be one of the conditions for the Argentine star to return to the Camp Nou.

The journalist Helena Condis assured that Messi felt betrayed by the board and by his teammates who saw how he left Barça. Nevertheless Messi would be much more hurt with Piqué who would have spoken directly with Laporta to ask him to let him out and not renew his contract due to the high cost of his record.


Messi’s disgust with Piqué

The Argentine star Lionel Messi after the situation cited above he doesn’t want to meet Piqué again in the locker room since he considers him the ultimate traitor after leaving the club of his loves, where the Argentine got everything and that he had to leave forced to head to Paris.

No one can erase Messi’s history with Barca, the directors assure that the Argentine continues being an asset of the team and President Laporta has expressed his hope that Rosario will have a worthy farewell at the club.

Messi’s decision will come after the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Messi is experiencing positive news at PSG after a first season in which he had to go through an adaptation process, in addition with the Argentine National Team he has an extraordinary present that outlines him among the favorites to lift the World Cup.

It is said that Inter Miami wants to add him to their squad next season and PSG would be willing to renew him for another year. Faced with these requests, a return to FC Barcelona also emerges with force.

Faced with this reality, the world soccer star only wants to live in the present and his environment has reported that any decision he makes will be made known after the World Cup.

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