Olga Moreno:

Olga Moreno: “Rocío Flores would give her life for me”

After more than 40 days isolated in Honduras, Olga Moreno has broken remembering her loved ones, especially Rocío Flores, whom she misses very much.

The survivor has acknowledged that, if she had a choice, she would rather see her than her husband, Antonio David Flores and has sent him a heartbreaking message.

“Before I would talk to Rocío with my husband,” Olga confessed to her colleagues in Cayo Cochinos.” She has been our accomplice for 21 years. The only truth that has been said is that we gave her a responsibility that we had to give her”, she said, acknowledging that Rocío had to be very aware of her brother David, a young man with special abilities.

On David Flores, who today will have to rule in court whether or not to ratify the complaint for non-payment of his alimony, has spoken at length in Honduras.

Olga, who feels adoration for him, has recognized that, due to his cognitive problems, she has turned more to him than to Rocío Flores. In this context, Olga has regretted having “left Rocío a little aside” to dedicate herself body and soul to the little one and has reflected on the times she has said ‘I love you’ or the hugs she has not given her.

“I have scolded Rocío a lot, but I have been very much all day to become a woman“, confessed between sobs. In the last hours she has come to her head “how much I have needed her and how well she has behaved. Many times she has asked me for a hug. I see her stronger. She would give me life because he knows that I have loved his brother above all else. I am God to her. But maybe she needed more hugs from me”, she confessed to her classmates, unable to hold back her tears.

Jorge Javier has asked him to send a message to Rocío Flores

After the video was broadcast in which, once again, OIga Moreno spoke of the children of Rocío Carrasco, Jorge Javier Vazquez He has asked him: “What would you like to say (to Rocío Flores)”. Heartbroken, Olga has taken the opportunity to ask Rocío for forgiveness for not following her advice not to talk about the family and forgetting the controversy that has broken out after the broadcast of the documentary series starring her mother. “My mouth has gone a bit, forgive me” it said, first of all, from the palapa.

After acknowledging her mistake, she has sent her husband’s eldest daughter an emotional message: “I’m sorry for those hugs that I didn’t give her. She knows it. She knows that I have always been very aware of her brother because she needed him and maybe I have put her aside. That I love her, that I love her and that I hope they are well ”. Some words that have been collected by the presenter of Survivors with great coldness and that, without a doubt, will provoke new criticism of the wife of the former Civil Guard.

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