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Octavio Ocana: Details of the Investigations of His Death

More than a month has passed since the death of the young Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña. During this time, several versions of his early departure have come to light. After that, the actor’s family gave details of the investigations.

On Saturday, October 29, the actor Octavio Ocana, famous for having played beloved Benito Rivers for 16 years in the series “Neighbors”, died under strange circumstances, in the Cuautitlán Izcalli municipality, in the state of Mexico. A shot to the head ended his life. Since then, there have been several versions of his early departure.

According to early research, the 22-year-old actorhe died after a police chase from a shot he had accidentally fired after colliding with a mound of earth. However, for Ocaña’s family , the events did not happen that way and it was the police who ended the life of the young Mexican promise. Weeks later, it was officially handled that Octavio Ocaña had committed suicide, a version that the family also rejected.

More than a month has passed and the causes of death are still not clear. Even the family of the remembered Benito Rivers, changed lawyers and announced, through a press conference, the progress of the case.


According to official information from the family, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) considered that the official report they offered after their first investigations fell into an error. The first report, presented on November 1 by the state agency, stated that “the driver (Octavio Ocaña) presumably operated the firearm that he carried in his right hand . ” If this possibility is ruled out, the cause of the actor’s death would be murder.

“It is formally stated that my son did not shoot himself, there are just a few little evidence to confirm it, but they already know, the prosecution and we, that my son did not shoot himself, they killed my son,” said Octavio Pérez, father of the young actor.


The relatives of Octavio Ocaña decided to change their defense. The team of lawyers is now led by Francisco Hernández, and they correspond to the Lex Pro Humanitas Foundation, which is dedicated to defending victims linked to crimes of human rights violations.

According to Hernández, the actor had no remains of gunpowder on his hands, discarding the theory that his death was by suicide. Instead, an expert confirmed that the truck in which Ocaña was traveling had four bullet wounds, contradicting the police version that claims only to have fired one shot into the air.


The new defense team for the Ocaña family indicated that they will initiate a new legal strategy based on independent expert opinions, although they did not provide further details in this regard. Of course, the lawyers released the four most important lines.

The first would be based on a rhodizonate test carried out on the hands of Ocaña and his companions , which was negative, so it was proven that no one detonated a weapon that day.

Then there is the issue of the four bullet holes in the truck . They also pointed out that the crime scene was manipulated and, finally, they highlighted that the casing of the bullet that killed Octavio Ocaña was stolen , and so far it has not been located.

Later they assured that the four bullet holes in the actor’s truck would contradict the statements of the municipal police officers, who mentioned having fired only once into the air, never in the direction of the vehicle. All this evidence could cause a 180 degree turn in the case.


After the actor’s death, the rumor spread that his girlfriend, Nerea Godínez, would be the beneficiary of a large amount of money that corresponds to Octavio Ocaña’s inheritance. However, these speculations were denied by both the young woman and the actor’s family.

Octavio’s sister, Bertha Ocaña, came out in defense of her sister-in-law and was upset by rumors that claimed that Nerea had collected between 250 and 370 thousand pesos from the Mexican interpreter’s life insurance. “These are issues that do not concern them, we have the honor of meeting Nerea and we love her very much,” she said.

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