The former reality boy, Nicola Porcella told his more than two million followers on Instagram an uncomfortable moment he experienced this Saturday night when he arrived in Peru.

It all happened when he was queuing at Immigration, a woman who works there saw him in the queue and invited him to go first, when he tried, a wave of complaints was unleashed.

I was in the Immigration queue doing my queue, I didn’t know anyone, a girl came up to me and said: ‘Hello Nicola, how are you? Do you want to pass? Now normal, and I pass with the two boys who were next to me and people started yelling at me: how are they going to let him pass! but they only told me pass”, commented Nicola Porcella in her Instagram stories.

Next step I had to return to my place, I felt as if the Cuevita penalty had failed, but well that’s the way it is, that’s it. Moral of the night, if you are in the Immigration queue and someone who works there, let them go through the other side, don’t go through because 500 people are going to be there: What you’re passing by!”, he added.

Nicola Porcella said that after receiving insults from all the people who were queuing, the Migration staff apologized for the bad time: “I told him what they’re worth (his apologies) if everyone remembered my mom like they shouldn’t”.

Nicola Porcella and her anecdote in Migrations.

Nicola Porcella and her anecdote in Migrations.

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