Danna Paola and Anahí from RBD together? This is known about the possible duet between divas

Danna Paola and Anahí from RBD together? This is known about the possible duet between divas

Danna Paola surprised everyone after she joined her voice with Moderatto in the tribute to RBD, network users speculate about a possible duet with Anahí, exRBD. The possibility was left open since the popular actress who played Mía Colucci Cáceres also collaborated with the musical group.

In addition, the rumor has taken on great relevance after Danna Paola confessed through an interview that she had been a fan of RBD since she was a child.

Media journalists associated their statements with a soon duet of both artists who stood out in the telenovelas produced by Televisa. For this reason, in ‘First Hand’ they assured that this would be a great gift to the fans who follow both singers of the pop genre, who went crazy before the release of the RBD covers.

“She herself (Danna Paola) says that as a young girl, very young, she watched RBD, and now in a pandemic she starts to watch the RBD series again, she became a mega fan, so from there, she always dreamed, that said by her, singing a song and even always dreamed of collaborating with Anahí, so this gives rise to the fact that after Danna Paola’s statements, there may be a collaboration between Anahí and her in the future,” explained Lalo Carrillo, driver of the program.

Previously, Danna Paolo specified that she was a fan of Moderatto and RBD, in addition, she indicated that this song meant a lot to her, for which she not only had fun, but also enjoyed being part of the musical production of the Mexican band.

Regarding the song that Danna Paola and Moderatto released, the hosts stated that they expected the song to have more nuances, however, it was not, since the musicalization was very similar to that of the original single, although even so, they highlighted that the voices were exquisite.

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