Actress Gabriela Spanic who became famous for her role in the telenovela “La usurpadora”, spoke with the program “Despierta América” ​​and referred to the events that marked her life.

In this interview, the 48-year-old actress announced that she will soon tell her whole truth in a book in which she will recount the secrets surrounding her life and public career, including moments of depression and suicidal thoughts.

“There are many Gabrielas in the world who have been through this, who have been persecuted and many things have gone unpunished,” she expressed.

Gabriela Spanic affirms that they tried to poison her along with her son

In an interview with “Despierta América”, Spanic confessed that they tried to kill her along with her son when he was very young.

“When they poisoned us and I saw my little two-year-old son poisoned too, and I inflated like a balloon and I had to go to work,” she tells.

According to her words, her own assistant Marcia Fernández supplied them with the poison while the actress recorded a soap opera in Mexico City.

Gabriela Spanic

Gabriela Spanic


Gabriela Spanic will be protected by the CDMX Judiciary against Gustavo Adolfo Infante

The actress shared on her social networks the official documents that support the decision of the Mexican agency.

“After so many abuses and injustices over the years, I must inform public opinion and my angels that the Mexican courts have decided to support my petition to prevent my son and I from continuing to be intimidated and publicly humiliated by the journalist. Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who for many years has decided to expose me as a crazy woman, with little dignity and lack of talent with the purpose of ruining me as an actress and a woman,” she explained.

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